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FLOW is the high throughput solution for automating and standardising your home-brew molecular diagnostic workflow. The combination of automated liquid handling and the proven technologies of MagNA Pure for automated nucleic acid extraction and LightCycler® for reliable real-time PCR allows you to optimize your workflow efficiently. The middleware solution, Aurora FLOW, handles all the worklists, controls, protocols and allows validation of your results. With FLOW, you have full control of all your samples, while achieving new levels of speed and standardisation.


Although FLOW highly standardizes your workflow you still benefit from maximum flexibility. Process a large variety of sample types, combine multiple PCR tests and controls in one run and easily change or add new tests in Aurora FLOW.


The intelligence build into Aurora FLOW in combination with speed of nucleic acid extraction with the MagNA Pure results in a fast turnaound time. Multiple runs per day result in faster and more frequent reporting to the clinician. 


FLOW is integrated in your laboratory information system via the Aurora FLOW middleware. Aurora FLOW processes the orders efficiently and stores all relevant sample information and results. This optimises your administration process significantly and enhances patient safety.


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